Keto Diet Is It Another Fad Diet?

The Keto Diet abounds in the media these days. Is it just another fad diet? Keto diet, is it another tool for health? In my 34 years of studying nutrition a lot of “diet gurus” have come and gone and a lot of fad diets have come and gone. Even doctors who actually know something […]

13 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Understanding  the benefits of intermittent fasting may help you get enthusiastic about giving it a try. Remember that intermittent fasting simply refers to the way you space your meals. You may already be doing the simplest fast, waiting 12 hours over night before you eat your next meal by finishing eating by 7 pm and […]

Intermittent Fasting to Improve Energy and Decrease Inflammaton

Intermittent Fasting to Improve Energy Efficiency and Decrease Imflammation The next step in improving energy efficiency and decreasing inflammation in your body involves some form of intermittent fasting. Now wait a minute, don’t freak out at the word fasting. What we’re talking about here does not call for long periods of going without food, but […]

8 Steps for Eating to Increase Energy and Decrease Inflammation

Let’s explore eating to increase energy and decrease inflammation. We have to eat, but eating consumes 60 to 80% of your body’s energy production according to On top of that the chemicals produced in normal digestion cause inflammation. So how can we eat for energy efficiency and decreased inflammation? Eat Clean       […]

Digestion Causes Inflammation

Digestion causes inflammation as well as consuming a great portion of our bodies energy production as we learned in the previous article Digestion Uses a Lot of Energy. “When you eat food, you also increase inflammation in the body. This happens even when you consume so-called “anti-inflammatory” foods. This is because the actual process of digestion […]

Digestion Uses a Lot of Energy

Have you ever noticed that people who don’t eat very much  tend to be healthier and live longer even though they may not eat high quality food? When I made that observation I didn’t understand the physiology involved, especially since my focus had been on helping people be optimally nourished. Let’s explore this phenomenon. But […]

Eat Only Organic Food to Avoid the Very Toxic Glyphosate

A few weeks ago we asked, “Would you feed your children this substance?” And we found out that it’s in most of our food. Remember, it’s glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, which is sprayed liberally on our main food production crops, then fed to animals, and it winds up in us when we eat […]

Healthy Shampoo Recipe

This healthy shampoo recipe is easy and quick  to make and to helps get you away from our chemicalized world. My scalp was really itching until I started making this healthy shampoo. It’s so quick and easy to make. Just add equal parts of coconut milk and Castille Soap to an old shampoo bottle, shake […]

Seed Exchanges Keep Biodiversity of Seeds Alive

Just wanted you to know about seed exchanges that you can participate in to keep the many species of plants alive on this planet. There’s concern now that the diversity of plant species and their seeds will continue to decline. So if you love what God created look into these seed exchanges: […]

Would You Feed Your Children This Toxic Substance?

Would you feed your children a substance that:                 Kills the gut microbiome – the good guys in the gut?                 Makes the gut leaky so all the yucky stuff gets into the blood stream?                 Makes the children’s capillaries leaky?                 Makes their kidney tubules leaky?                 Makes the blood brain barrier leaky?                 […]