Sauna Detox Health Report


Sauna Detox Health Report

Enjoy the Luxury of a Far Infrared Sauna Detox

Would you like to cleanse and detoxify your body the easy, luxurious, relaxing way?

Then try the infrared sauna.

Give yourself a real treat. Relaxing in a far infrared sauna becomes pure luxury to my way of thinking. As it relaxes your muscles you may even find yourself drifting off to sleep.

You’re probably already saying, “But Dr. Jo I don’t like to sweat!” I’m with you on that one. I never liked to sweat either.

But NOT sweating is a HUGE MISTAKE. Your skin is one of your largest excretory organs. You can move lots of toxins from your body via the sweat glands in your skin. Excreting toxins via the skin takes a big stress off your liver and kidneys and your other organs, including your brain.

Mobilizing toxins with other detoxification methods can be very valuable and effective, but those toxins have more opportunity to cause symptoms on the way out. When they come out of the inside of the cells into the connective tissue they may irritate nerves.

Irritated nerves mean pain or nausea or foggy thinking.

Toxins going out through the skin have a lot less chance of causing nerve irritation.

That’s where the sauna comes in. But not just any old sauna. I much prefer the far infrared sauna because:

  • It’s much more effective at low heat settings compared to the conventional sauna.
  • It’s safe to go to sleep in it.
  • And it’s so relaxing that I frequently go to sleep in it.
  • It uses minimal amounts of electricity.
  • Comes in compact affordable constructions that easily fit in your home.
  • It’s convenient and fun.


Also the far infra red rays have great healing potential:

  • They reduce the pain and speed up the healing process.
  • Which results in reduction of muscle pain and spasm.
  • They energize the cells.
  • They mobilize toxins.

Expert detoxification doctors advocate far infrared sauna detox as a necessity for optimal health. I would say that it’s a necessary luxury!

But don’t embark on sauna detox by yourself. Get more information in Dr. Jo’s Sauna Detox Health Report and review it with your doctor.

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