Seed exchanges for biodiversity of seeds

Seed Exchanges Keep Biodiversity of Seeds Alive

seed exchanges

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Just wanted you to know about seed exchanges that you can participate in to keep the many species of plants alive on this planet. There’s concern now that the diversity of plant species and their seeds will continue to decline. So if you love what God created look into these seed exchanges:

This article contains several options for seed exchanges:

Here’s why there’s concern about the decline in the biodiversity of plant life and seeds:

Glyphosate (Roundup) was created by Monsanto, initially to kill weeds. Then to increase their marketing ability and income they developed genetically modified (GM) seeds that would grow plants that could be sprayed with Roundup and not die, but the weeds around them would die. These GM seeds include corn, soy, canola and cotton, the main cash crops that are turned into food products. Read your labels and you will see these foods in many of the processed food products.

Monsanto has sued farmers (and won) for saving seeds, a practice that was common prior to the introduction of GM seeds.  Also, when their GMO crops escape onto an organic farmer’s land, they’ve sued the organic farmer for infringing on their patented seed and won. (Seems to me their seed contaminated the organic farms, but big money with lots of lawyers tips the scales of justice). They have put small farmers out of business.

Now Monsanto and Bayer are merging – both big biotech companies that have a huge impact on agriculture. The concern is that Monsanto-Bayer will continue in their trend to monopolize seeds around the world thus decreasing the biodiversity of seeds and plant species that God created in his infinite creativity. That could lead to us being forced to buy seeds from Monsanto-Bayer only. They already own many of the common gardening seeds. But our God is bigger and grass roots consumers can make a big difference. For more info, Dr. Mercola wrote this article and if you want to delve even deeper he has references at the end of the article:

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