Dr. Jo’s Fit in 15 Minutes Per Week

Dr. Jo's Fit in 15 Minutes per Week










Isn’t it amazing that we (you and me, all of us) can be so fit by investing only 15 minutes per week in a specific exercise that maximally stimulates our muscles. They respond by adapting to that stimulus. That stimulus of pushing our muscles to complete fatigue triggers a building up of our fast twitch muscle fibers. And therein lies the “magic”. Fast twitch fibers burn more calories than any other tissue in our bodies every minute of the day and night, melting those fat accumulations away.

And Chapter 5 may be your very best bonus in this book. Dr. Jo specializes in practical nutrition for daily living and so she wrote this chapter to give you: 1. Guidelines of what to eat before and after your Fit in 15 workout to achieve: Optimal production of your own Human Growth Hormone and Optimal increase in muscle mass and strength 2. A healthy eating plan for your uniquely-you body.


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Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook

Dr. Jo's Natural Healing Cookbook


Fad diets don’t work. Eating right for your uniquely-you body does work. In Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook Dr. Jo shows you how easy it is to eat in a way that serves your body well. Follow her wise, experienced and truthful advice. Learn how to create your own recipes in an abundance of variety. Also, enjoy Dr. Jo’s tested and tasty recipes.


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Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook Deluxe Version (Paperback + eBook Bundle)

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Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook eBook

Dr. Jo's Natural Healing Cookbook



Sinusitis Remedies Galore

Sinus Remedies Galore

That nagging sinus inflammation and congestion can make life not quite so bright and exciting. It puts a blur on your joy. Sometimes you wind up in a vicious cycle of taking medications that only compound the sinus problems.

You will be delighted to know that many natural remedies exist to help alleviate the sinus problem miseries and brighten your outlook on life. From uncovering hidden food allergies to sharing many herbal  and other remedies you can explore the possibilities for your sinus problems in Dr. Jo’s e-book Sinusitis Remedies Galore.



No Hassle Bowel Cleanse

Please Note: The Kindle edition of this ebook called “Dr. Jo’s No Hassle Detox and Cleanse” has been updated to include tissue cleansing too.

Dr. Jo will coach you through this simple, do-able cleansing in her e-book, A Cleaner, Leaner You – The No Hassle Bowel Cleanse. It’s a quick read that gets you started easily on your first step in cleansing. And it only takes a few minutes per day. This cleanse fits well in your busy schedule.

Refuse to live in a toxic waste dump by utilizing this safe and effective program developed by a medical doctor. Don’t put your overall health at risk with some other cleanse that will push your body’s limits.

Also, you don’t have to starve or eat nasty tasting foods or supplements. Throw out the myth that on a cleanse you will have to suffer through eating horrible tasting food and drink, or starve yourself.

Dr. Jo chose the products in this cleanse so even her most environmentally sensitive patients would be able to cleanse. She tells you how to fine tune the cleanse as needed for your uniquely-you body.

No! You won’t be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes! Imagine spending 5 minutes a day that will give you a NEW lease on life!

Dr. Jo has created an effective, easy, and safe way to detoxify (cleanse) the body to assist in the prevention of disease and restoration of health. You can:

  • Restore your health
  • Revitalize and energize your body
  • Restore and balance your weight loss/gain
  • Improve digestion
  • Enjoy refreshing sleep – sleep less, but feel more rested
  • Improve skin complexion

Order A Cleaner, Leaner You – The No Hassle Bowel Cleanse and get started on your Detox Highway to Health today!



It’s All About Love

Escape into an allegory (based on Truth) about the wonders of Perfect Love and his glorious creation. See how He turns darkness into light, how He fills the world with wonders and beauty, how His creativity is never ending.

He delegates authority to earth beings but that authority gets stolen and the glory of the earth diminishes. But Perfect Love has a plan, He has always had a plan of magnificent redemption. Marvel as the plan unfolds.

Perfect Love delights in freely giving you this story. Enjoy it now.

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Kindle Books

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Dr. Jo’s Candida Cleanse: A Physician’s Expert Guide to Overcome Yeast Infection Forever

If you’re struggling with that vicious downward spiral of yeast overgrowth in your body, Dr. Jo is a doctor who understands what you’re going through.

Dr. Jo believes that the yeast overgrowth syndrome is real and she has an in depth understanding of the yeast infection problem and what to do about it.

Follow Dr. Jo’s 7 steps to overcoming yeast infection.

$6.95 as Kindle book. Get immediate access to Dr. Jo’s Candida Cleanse


Dr. Jo’s No Hassle Detox and Cleanse for a Leaner, Cleaner You

Think you’re too busy to cleanse your body?

Dr. Jo understands busy, so she developed this No Hassle Detox and Cleanse that only takes 5 to 10 minutes per day. Simply take your supplements and you are on your way to clean and lean.

First clean out the colon with the easy colon cleanse. And no worries, you won’t be running to the bathroom because this cleanse normalizes bowel function.

Then give your liver and kidneys a boost.

Once those major organs of detoxification are cleansed you can start digging the toxins out of your tissues. Dr. Jo explains what to take for tissue cleansing and what to do about detox symptoms if they crop up.

She gives you lots of information to guide you through the process, but it takes a lot less time to do it than it takes to read about it.

So get started now.

$2.99 as Kindle book. Get immediate access to Dr. Jo’s No Hassle Detox and Cleanse



Dr. Jo’s Practical Nutrition Course – Audio CDs

Join Dr. Jo and her class as she teaches and inspires you to eat in a way that boosts you into greater health, energy and vitality. She  taught this series at a college with a jovial group of students where the students earned college credits. You will easily understand the basic science of nutrition. But more importantly Dr. Jo emphasizes practical nutrition that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

If you are confused about which fad diet to follow next, throw them all out the window. Dr. Jo helps you determine your metabolic type. Then you can discover the eating plan that works best for you.

Have some fun with Dr. Jo and her class.  Practical Nutrition includes 11 audio CDs and one 78 page Manual. This manual includes notes that correlate with the presentations on the CDs and material that you will use for reference for years to come.

Audio CD set with Printed manual $47.95 plus shipping $18.75 (California residents add sales tax) Click below


Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours – DVDs and Audio CDs

First you make your choices, then your choices make you. Dr. Jo teaches you how to make the choices to stay healthy or reclaim your health.

Discover the universal factors that cause disease. Become wise in knowing how to reverse those disease inducing factors so you can live a vibrant, energetic, joyful, productive life.

Set includes 9 DVDs and a manual that is a book in itself. When you order you will be able to: Option 1 download the manual or Option 2 receive the printed manual for extra postage.

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Health Reports

Weight Loss Secrets

Weight Loss SecretsWeight Loss Secrets for Kids TooWeight Loss Secrets for Moms

In Weight Loss Secrets Dr. Jo detours from the traditional approaches to weight loss. She lets you in on 3 major factors that can undermine attempts to lose weight and then tells you how to deal with them. You’re going to say, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner”.

Uncover those secrets now for yourself. Order Dr. Jo’s Health Report, “Weight Loss Secrets” now.



Decrease the Toxic Load Health Report

Decrease the Toxic Load Health Report

Every day we “swim” in a toxic soup of poisonous chemicals and toxic metals. For the most part they remain hidden from our senses, no smell, no taste, no visual evidence of their presence. But as we ingest them, inhale them or slather them on our skin, they gradually accumulate in our tissues.

When our toxic load becomes more than the body can handle we wake up one morning wondering what happened to us.

  • Why do I have this miserable headache?
  • Where did my energy go?
  • This muscle aches or burns for no apparent reason.
  • My joints are hurting.
  • My thinking is foggy – “brain fog”.
  • I just cannot stay organized like I used to.
  • Et cetera

You can uncover and eliminate many of the hidden toxins in your environment, food, water and air with a help from Dr. Jo. When you decrease the toxic load you may find yourself thinking more clearly, feeling cleaner, more energetic and relishing a new zest for life.

Order Dr. Jo’s Decrease the Chemical Load Health Report now.



Sauna Detox Health Report


Sauna Detox Health Report

Give yourself a real treat. Relaxing in a far infrared sauna becomes pure luxury to my way of thinking. As it relaxes your muscles you may even find yourself drifting off to sleep.

While you’re enjoying that soothing relaxation, those healthy infrared rays go to work kicking the toxins out of your tissues. That’s about the easiest and most enjoyable way to detoxify.

And all of us need to cleanse our bodies whether we realize it or not.

Expert detoxification doctors advocate far infrared sauna detox as a necessity for optimal health. I would say that it’s a necessary luxury!

But don’t embark on sauna detox by yourself. Get more information from Dr. Jo in this Sauna Detox Health Report and review it with your doctor.