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Would You Feed Your Children This Toxic Substance?

Would you feed your children a substance that:

                Kills the gut microbiome – the good guys in the gut?

                Makes the gut leaky so all the yucky stuff gets into the blood stream?

                Makes the children’s capillaries leaky?

                Makes their kidney tubules leaky?

                Makes the blood brain barrier leaky?

                Wrecks havoc on the structure and communication pathways in their bodies?

                Has been classified by the World Health Organization as a class 2 carcinogen.

Do you feed them (or yourself):


                Ritz crackers


                Sweetened yogurt

                Corn chips

Then … Read the rest

If You Eat Food You Need to Know About the Dark Act

If you eat food, or care about someone who does, you need to know

about HR 1599 titled:  The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015.  This bill was recently passed in the United States House of Representatives and, if passed in the Senate, and signed into law, would preempt any state or local laws requiring labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).  For all practical purposes clear, easy for the public to understand, GMO labeling requirements would not exist.  The following link provides the text of the bill.

According to the total contributions from interest … Read the rest

Deceiver Undermines Our Food Supply

As I was preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement about nutrition and exercise for Autoimmune Diseases, I thought, do I know anything about this subject? – No. Then I did the research and discovered – yes I know all about it!


The same things are causing most degenerative diseases – deception and environmental toxins. So if we get knowledge and apply it with wisdom (make good choices) we can prevent or reverse disease processes.


That lead to this inspiration about the big picture of what’s going on the world in regard to deception.


God created these magnificent … Read the rest

So What’s the Problem with Genetically Modified Food?

Why would you want to eat genetically modified food?


Here are some points to ponder:


Genetically modified food has not been tested for safety over a long time period. The biotechnology companies that produce the GM food conducted some short-term studies on small mammals like rats and hamsters. They reported no significant findings of ill health.


And the FDA accepted those findings without any other oversight of the testing at all. They just took the biotechnology company’s word for it.


However some well respected and honest scientists around the world became quite concerned about the long-term … Read the rest

GMO Labeling Supported by Medical Doctors

The following reveals the very succinct assessment of wise and well informed medical professionals who support the labeling of genetically modified (engineered) food. Many of us signed this GMO labeling support petition.


“As a medical professional, I support the passage of the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012.1 It will require the labeling of food products that contain genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.


I believe genetically engineered foods pose a plausible health risk while providing very little benefit, if any. Contrary to what the biotechnology companies responsible for genetic engineering tell us, there are very … Read the rest

Medical Professionals Endorse the California Right to Know GMO Food Initiative

After hearing all of Monsanto and the big food industry companies’ negative campaign against California’s Prop 37 initiative to mandate labeling food that has genetically modified components, I was thrilled to discover that doctors are supporting and endorsing the passage of Prop 37.


But first let’s clarify what we’re talking about when it comes to genetically modified organisms (food) aka GMO.


Understanding Genetically Modified Food


Let’s review basics about genetically modified food. Monsanto, the company that produces the genetically modified seed, controls the patent on these seeds. If a farmer tries to save his own seed like … Read the rest

Please, Please Study California’s Proposition 37 Carefully

Have you heard the ads against proposition 37 on our California ballot in November? Some of the statements are obvious lies. Then listen to the list of sponsors of the campaign against prop 37. Monsanto tops the list, followed by the big food industry, none of whom I want to trust with my health. They are more interested in your dollars than your health!


They also want to keep you in the dark about whether you are eating genetically modified food. You may be trying to eat optimally healthy and not be aware of the potential time bomb lurking … Read the rest

Yes! Label Genetically Modified Food

by guest author Jean Saffell

As you all know, I [Jean Saffell] support the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) used in foods. In November, Californians will get a chance to vote on the issue with Proposition 37, the ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods.


This article outlines what is at stake:


I’d like to point out that 50 other countries do require labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. The companies currently spending millions to oppose labeling in California already label their products sold in other countries. So why do they oppose labeling products for their USA … Read the rest

Can You Afford to Eat Cheap Fast Food?

While teaching the college nutrition class for several years now some students have said that they cannot afford to eat healthy food including more vegetables and fruit in their diets. I have wondered if that premise was actually true.

Then in the documentary Food, Inc. a poor working class family also said that they could not afford healthy food and so relied on fast food hamburgers and soft drinks for their meals.

On top of the obvious health hazards of lots sugar and unhealthy fat in this diet, they were also eating a lot of genetically modified food. The United … Read the rest

GMO Corn Hides in Your Food

Time to share more about genetically modified food. In my preparation to teach the college nutrition course, I discovered some things about our food supply that surprised me.

I really thought that I did not eat genetically modified food until the documentaries Food, Inc. and King Corn taught me some new things. Eighty-eight percent of corn grown in the United States is genetically modified. That means the corn tortillas I eat come from GM corn. Any corn product and corn is in almost every processed food in one form or another is most likely processed from GM corn.

So my … Read the rest