Eat Only Organic Food to Avoid the Very Toxic Glyphosate

eat only certified organic foodA few weeks ago we asked, “Would you feed your children this substance?” And we found out that it’s in most of our food. Remember, it’s glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, which is sprayed liberally on our main food production crops, then fed to animals, and it winds up in us when we eat these foods. Most Americans have glyphosate in their urine. It makes holes in the gut, blood vessels, and blood-brain-barrier which allows even more toxins into our bodies and is a class 2 carcinogen.

So what are we to do?

Eat only organically grown and produced food.

What’s the first comment that pops out of people’s mouths when they hear that?

Yep, “I can’t afford to eat organic food.”

I had to repent of thinking that way too. I had to repent of thinking that organic food is too expensive. Actually it’s a bargain when you consider that the chemically produced food is poison, causing inflammation, pain and degeneration even for our children. Sick kids get well quickly when they eat  only organic food.


In 1950 people spent 16% of their income on food and 8% of their income on medical bills. Now people spend 8% of their income on food and 16% of their income on medical bills. If you’re going to spend 24% of income on these two items, what’s the best way to spend it? Kind of a no brainer.

The price of organic food will go down more as consumers buy more of it. Money talks to food production companies. When they see their market share drop, they take a look at what consumers are buying and make the shift to the demand. We’re already seeing a change in big stores like Wal-Mart, Costco and other stores as they offer more and more organic food choices to their customers. And the prices are improving.

Let’s eat only organic food, like God made it and tell the biotech and chemical companies to stop messing with our food.

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Dr. JoDr. Jo delights in sharing the message of health. She believes disease is optional if you know how to take care of yourself. And she’s a great coach to help you reverse or prevent disease.

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