Enzymes – The Spark of Life!

Enzymes are the sparks of life that keep us alive. Most people have depleted their stores of digestive and metabolic enzymes. But you can get that spark of life back in your body. What is an enzyme and why are they important? Enzymes are huge proteins that speed up chemical reactions. They are the sparks […]

Green Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Green smoothie recipes made mostly from vegetables are healthier for those of us with blood sugar or yeast overgrowth problems. Take a look at the following recipes from other readers of this Be Wise-Health Wise newsletter. One of our faithful readers suggests a recipe from Body Ecology that uses more vegetables than fruit: Good Morning Greens […]

Mind Set 8 Goal Setting

How does your mind react to goal setting? Does it say, “no way” or “yes, I love to set goals?” I must admit that my mind balks at goal setting right now because I have been an over-achiever in my past. I’m enjoying a more relaxed approach to living now. But I do have goals […]

Mind Set 7 Change is Scary

Your mind’s humming along not even thinking about the things that have become your daily habits (whether good or bad habits).  You grab a doughnut with your coffee at the service station on your way to work. In the lunch room someone left some brownies out on the table to share. You pop one in […]

Mind Set 6 Forget About Will Power

What’s one of the first obstacles your mind brings up when you consider embarking on developing a new healthy habit? “I don’t have enough will power to: Eat vegetables Find out if I have food allergies Walk around the block every day Take a few supplements twice per day Do whatever it takes to convert […]

Mind Set 5 Uniquely-You

You are uniquely-you. No one else in the universe has exactly the same DNA as you. Realize how special you are. You are called to a special purpose on this earth at this time and this season. Now wrap your mind around that truth. How wonderful that you are eager to walk out that purpose. […]

Mind Set 4 Throw Out the Scales

When you start a weight loss program, don’t you just love to run to the scales naked every morning to see how many pounds you’ve lost? Of course, we all do that! And we most likely run back to the scales after we’ve pooped to see if it’s inched down a little bit more. There’s […]

Mind Set 3 Focus On the Positive

Our minds develop ruts in the way we think. Understnding the way the brain works helps make the conversion to positive, optimistic thinking.

Mind Set 2 Support People

To get your mind on your side you need one or more really good friends to come along side and help you in this whole new adventure in healthy living.

Mind Set – the Key to Health

Your mind set is the key to making healthy lifestyle changes. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Let’s make it your best friend.