6 Highways to Health

What causes the body to degenerate into heart disease, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity or cancer?

Almost every disease process involves a breakdown in the cell’s ability to function properly due to three basic problems:

  1. Nutritional deficiencies
  2. Accumulation of toxic metals and chemicals from environmental pollution
  3. Unfriendly organisms hanging around in the tissues due to the toxins.

If you reverse the breakdown in the cells, your body can heal. It’s that simple.

Your Highway to Health is simple, too. You can easily incorporate the changes into your daily life one step at a time until each change becomes a habit. Focus on one highway until you’re ready to go down the next. Your destination is better health.

Choose your Highway:

To your good health,

Dr. Jo Tillman, MD