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In Weight Loss Secrets Dr. Jo detours from the traditional approaches to weight loss. She lets you in on 3 weight loss secrets that can be major factors undermining attempts to lose weight. Then she tells you how to deal with them. You’re going to say, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner”.

In all of my 25 plus years of working with patients from an integrative medicine (applying the best of natural and mainstream medicine), I met many people with weight problems.

Many of my overweight patients truly ate well and exercised and still did not lose weight. So we had to dig deeper to find the weight loss secrets for them. Perhaps some of those secrets revealed will help you with your struggle to lose weight.

This Way to Weight Loss Secrets

Secret #1

Something you’re doing every day without even thinking about it can keep you in that vicious cycle of resistance to losing those pounds no matter how hard you try to eat well.

Once you implement the solution to this problem, those pounds may slide right off of you with very little effort. It just happens!


This Way to Weight Loss SecretsSecret #2

This insidious secret creeps into you while you’re totally unaware of it. Or you may have suspected it but not known how to prove it’s one of your problems. If you discover it, then you don’t know what to do about it.

But Dr. Jo’s the expert in providing solutions for you to detect and then get rid of this dirty little secret.

After dealing successfully with this nasty secret, your body has no need to keep extra weight.


This Way to Weight Loss SecretsSecret #3

You’ve always suspected that this secret was a big problem. In Weight Loss Secrets you will find out that you’re right! But you may be surprised at what caused it.

The wonderful news: you can absolutely deal with many of the causes of this exhausting problem yourself.

So enjoy discovering the secrets and solutions in Dr. Jo’s Weight Loss Secrets Health Report.