Decrease the Chemical Load Health Report

Decrease the Toxic Load Health ReportEvery day we “swim” in a toxic soup of poisonous chemicals and toxic metals. For the most part they remain hidden from our senses, no smell, no taste, no visual evidence of their presence. But as we ingest them, inhale them or slather them on our skin, they gradually accumulate in our tissues.

When our toxic load becomes more than the body can handle we wake up one morning wondering what happened to us.

• Why do I have this miserable headache?

• Where did my energy go?

• This muscle aches or burns for no apparent reason.
• My joints are hurting.

• My thinking is foggy – “brain fog”.

• I just cannot stay organized like I used to.

• Et cetera

If you’re already at that point of dis-ease you better take a look at decreasing the chemical exposures in your environment. You may be surprised at what you’re subjecting yourself to every day and at how much control you have over it.

If you haven’t reached the chemical over load saturation point yet in your body, it would behoove you to clean up your environment too so you never get to that miserable point.

And if you have children for sure clean up your environment to keep these most precious susceptible little bodies from accumulating toxic chemicals.

Dr. Jo takes you through the steps of investigating the cleaning products, personal care items (cosmetics, lotions, shampoo, healthier products to replace the more toxic ones.

Also, toxic chemicals hide in your food and drink. Remember, the vast majority of these toxins have no taste or smell, so you cannot detect them with your senses. Therefore, you must use your mind and intelligence to discover which foods contain them and then make healthier choices.

Wisdom, defined as knowledge applied with good judgment, becomes your best weapon in decreasing and preventing the chemical load accumulation in your tissues.

Dr. Jo gladly shares her wisdom with you so you can become knowledgeable and wise and healthy.

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