Highway 1: Nutrition

Nutrition – the major foundation for healing, your super highway to health!




Congratulations on choosing to journey down this nutrition super highway to health. Nutrition plays a huge role in healing your body and keeping you healthy.

“You are what you’ve eaten over the last _____ years.”

(Fill in the blank with your age.)

With optimum nutrition, you build healthy cells with healthy membranes that allow the good nutrients to pass into the cell and keep the toxins out.

With poor nutrition, the cell membranes degenerate. They let environmental toxins leak into the cells. These toxins corrupt your cell’s ability to produce energy. The toxins eventually also block your cell’s ability to absorb the good nutrients.

With less than optimum nutrition you construct your cells like a shaky bridge that ultimately collapses, dumping you into fatigue and even a degenerative disease process. What a vicious downward spiral!

Say NO to all of these diseases: heart disease, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, cancer and others.

If you have one of those labels, make a U-turn and reconstruct your cells so your body has a solid, healthy infrastructure.

Healthy Cells Create a Healthy Body

If you’re healthy now, stay healthy or even improve your health by studying the road map for the nutrition super highway. Take the journey slowly!

Most people need to take the nutrition journey slowly to keep from becoming overwhelmed and giving up. Changing lifetime eating habits takes time. You have to develop new healthy eating plans that serve your body well.

It’s a delightful, simple, scenic journey taken one mile at a time. Enjoy your leisurely journey. No stress, no speed.

I’ll help you with the map as you progress along this major highway.

You’ll have lots of help in maneuvering along the nutrition super highway. As you progress through the information on this web site, it will be like I’m right there beside you acting as a GPS unit guiding you to your destination of a super healthy you.

Dr. Jo's Natural Healing Cookbook

Your best road map: Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook by Bessie Jo Tillman, MD (that’s me).

Also, my Practical Nutrition audio CDs and manual are chock full of information to guide you through the mountains and valleys of discovering the nutrition plan that works best for your uniquely you body. You will have difficulty finding this realistic, practical information anywhere else.

Study the roads that feed into this super highway:

Foods that serve the body well, as found in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

Foods that cause a shaky infrastructure like:

  • Sugar and other sweeteners
  • Damaged fat
  • Damaged protein or carbohydrates
  • Nutrient deficient food
  • Over-cooked and over-processed food
  • Toxic food and drink

Be a maverick! Find out how to take responsibility for your health. Eat like the royalty that you are. Your body deserves the best to keep you functioning the best. Enjoy your life and fulfill your destiny by being the best you can be. Travel the super nutrition highway to health.

Start your journey to optimal health, today!