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Detox Baths Help Recovery from Covid Shots or Infection

Do you love soaking in a tub of hot water?

Add a few ingredients to the water to enhance its wellness improving effects and to aid detox after Covid shots or infection.

Dr. Carrie Madej says these baths remove from the body: radiation poisoning, pesticides, heavy metals and some parasites as well as nanoparticles.

The following recipe has also been advocated in presentations by other doctors. I have been familiar with the baking soda, Epsom Salts and clay for detox baths for a long time. Adding the Borax is a new concept for me.

Here is her recipe:

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Dr. Thomas Levy on Canceling the Spike Protein

Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD brings us good news for Canceling the Spike Protein, which is a poison. These are the basic principles in his article:

Vaxxed or unvaxxed, the covid-19 spike protein can keep reproducing in the body.

Spike proteins are poisons.

Vitamin C can neutralize any poison.

In unvaxxed individuals infection from the Covid-19 virus can leave the virus lingering in the lower bowel (and most likely in other organs too) where it continues to release its poisonous spike proteins.. When we are exposed to stress or another infection, the Covid-19 virus has greater opportunity to reproduce … Read the rest

Instructions for Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer Set Up

This information is for education purposes only, and is not medical advice or recommending any treatment.  You should discuss any potential treatments with your health care professional.

Items Needed

Pari Trek Compressor – one preferred desktop compressor, there are other brands

Mask with tubing to attach to nebulizer

Food Grade H2O2 – keep in frig to slow degradation

Sea Salt (or order a bottle of pre-made normal saline)

Optional — 5% Lugol’s iodine (Dr. David Brownstein’s nebulized peroxide protocol includes one drop of iodine to the final peroxide solution)

To Make Your Own Normal Saline (0.9 %):


Fill 16 … Read the rest

Covid 19 Prevention and Precautions

Consult your health practitioner in regard to any of these protocols.

This information is for education purposes only, and is not medical advice or recommending any treatment.  You should discuss any potential treatments with your health care professional.

This is a collation of protocols recommended by a variety of doctors successfully treating their patients and preventing death. Prevention and early treatment of c19 are essential. These doctors recommend starting these protocols at the onset of any viral respiratory illness.

The doctors include (and there are more):

Front Line Covid -19 Critical Care Alliance

International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

Dr. Joseph Read the rest

Which is of More Concern to You: Life Saving Covid-19 Treatments Purposely Suppressed or the Blatant Suppression of Our Rights to Free Speech?

My Journey to Integrative Medicine

My desire is to give you “food for thought”, 

possibly to introduce you to concepts you have not considered and to encourage you to research more on the concepts introduced.  I also encourage you to react to information out of knowledge and understanding and not out of an emotional reaction. Be your own person.

These two lady doctors are women after my own heart and are worth listening to.

This interview of Dr. Simone Gold stirs food for thought and research. Her credentials and experience are remarkable.

Dr. Lisa Koche MD, another lady doctor after my own heart and passions

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Front Line Doctors Are Back

Front Line Doctors Back

After the social media executives scrambled to take down the Front Line Doctors video two days ago, their video is back up and they made a second shorter video (which seems to have been taken down again). in the second video they underlined and emphasized that hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Zithromax is a safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for Covid-19 that can SAVE LIVES!

One well informed doctor said you can prevent Covid-19 by taking 200mg of hydroxychloroquine twice per week.

But You can’t get it! Call your governor. Call your senators. Call your Congressional representative … Read the rest

I Can’t Keep Quiet Any Longer

It’s time to speak up. I can’t keep quiet.

What sparked my voice to rise up?

Yesterday friends sent me a video link to “Front Line Doctors Tell Their Story” on the Steps of the Supreme Court. At 15 minutes into watching these amazing doctors an interruption kept me from watching the rest of the video.

By this morning the video had been taken down from Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. Even President Trump’s comments on the video were removed from Twitter. Folks who posted this video on Facebook had their posts taken down.

(At last viewing it … Read the rest

Healthy Traveling Tips

Healthy Traveling Tips

Healthy Traveling Tip 1 – Take immune supportive supplements

First healthy traveling tip: Take along some immune building supplements, especially Vitamins C and D3. Vitamin D Council recommends that adults take 5,000 IU per day of Vitamin D3.

Turmeric is an especially good antioxidant protectant. In supplement form find a product that contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is much better absorbed and utilized. Look for a brand that contains Theracumin form of curcumin.

Healthy Traveling Tip 2 – Maintain healthy lifestyle habits

Second: Remember that healthy habits keep our immune systems strong and help prevent infections:

  • Drink plenty
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Detox After Flu Shot

Cilantro detoxes after flu shot

If You Take the Flu Shot Be Sure to Detox After the Flu Shot

If you feel compelled to have a flu shot or are forced to by your employer, you can minimize the adverse effects by increasing detox after the flu shot. Dr. Klinghardt, MD, my mentor is a genius in detoxification. He particularly recommends taking these supplements for detox:


Eat about one teaspoon, per day.  Cilantro effectively removes mercury and other toxic metals from the brain and other tissues. Multi-dose vials of flu vaccine still contain the preservative thimerosol which contains mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive … Read the rest

My Journey to Integrative Medicine


My Journey to Integrative Medicine

Journey Into Integrative Medicine

For those of you who are not aware of my background, I would like to briefly share my journey into Integrative Medicine to deal with health and disease issues. You may  primarily have experienced conventional medicine as I did in the first part of my life. Then something happened that steered my in a different direction.

Childhood – Conventional Medicine To ER Doc

In childhood our family only used main stream medical treatments and that continued for me all through medical school at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, where I graduated in … Read the rest