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Seed Exchanges Keep Biodiversity of Seeds Alive

seed exchanges

Photo compliments of Rainer Zenz [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Just wanted you to know about seed exchanges that you can participate in to keep the many species of plants alive on this planet. There’s concern now that the diversity of plant species and their seeds will continue to decline. So if you love what God created look into these seed exchanges:

This article contains several options for seed exchanges:

Here’s why there’s concern about the decline in the biodiversity of plant life and seeds:

Glyphosate (Roundup) was created by Monsanto, initially to kill weeds. Then … Read the rest

Straw Bale Gardening Solves a Host of Soil Problems

Straw Bale Gardening caught our attention.

Why? Because so many tree roots have grown into the west side of our garden that the trees are stealing the nutrients and water making it difficult to grow our vegetables. When we read that straw bales can be placed anywhere, even on a driveway or roof top, we thought maybe we could redeem that side of the garden.

And so we started our adventure in straw bale gardening following the instructions in Joel Karsten’s book Straw Bale Gardens Complete. You can also visit his web site

Of course we preferred organic … Read the rest

More than One Way to Utilize Human Urine as Fertilizer

Before reading this article be sure to review these articles first:

Unending Source of Free Fertilizer

Proper Application of Human Urine as Fertilizer for Gardens


Human Urine Application Possibilities

Diluted Urine

Apply diluted urine to the soil. Work it into the top layers of soil to prevent loss of nitrogen from converting to ammonia gas and evaporating away. The soil organisms help neutralize any rare pathogens that may be in the urine. Water the plants after applying the urine.


Undiluted Urine on a Layer of Mulch Around the Plants

The mulch helps convert the nitrogen in the urine … Read the rest

Proper Application of Human Urine as Fertilizer for Gardens

So you’ve read Unending Source of Free Fertilizer and you’re excited about fertilizing your garden with your own urine which is a free, abundant and unending source of liquid nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


Don’t start spreading your pee around until you have read the following precautions and guidelines. Also be sure to review the health precautions in an Unending Source of Free Fertilizer.


How much urine to apply to the soil/plants

Have you ever been frustrated by dogs choosing your nice green lawn as their urinating place? What’s the frustration – yellow spots in your beautiful grass … Read the rest

Unending Source of Free Fertilizer


If you are like me you’ve probably been oblivious to this unending supple of free fertilizer. But it’s not a new concept. In fact it’s garnered a lot of research. And you’ve been flushing this gold mine down the drain just like I have.


So there’s the hint and no it’s not poop we’re reviewing here. It’s human urine, perhaps one of the best sources for enriching the soil for your plants.


Nutrients in Urine

Our kidneys recycle nutrients that our bodies aren’t using at the moment into the urine. Amazingly that includes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium … Read the rest

Fall Garden Tips

Fall has certainly started falling around here. We’re in the midst of raking up acorns, pinecones, pine needles and lots of leaves. And today the rains came tumbling down.

So it may be a little late in the season for the garden tips that I want to share with you. However, the weather forecasters say we will have some sunny days next week. So we’re planning to use those days to finish up the garden work that will help us have a great spring garden.

Recently we took up gardening class and were so delighted at what we learned. Here … Read the rest