Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program

Dr. Jo's Health Coaching Program

Dr. Jo and husband Pat

How can I serve you better? With a Health Coaching Program?

After providing a lot of information on healthy living and healthy habits I’ve noticed that most folks don’t utilize that knowledge to optimize their health and fitness. How can I help you make those wonderful life-enhancing changes? Would a health coaching program help?

In my 20 years of clinical practice as a holistic, integrative MD and 12 years of writing, teaching and educating folks about healthy living I have found that people implement the transforming steps to healthy living if they have a coach. On the other hand if they just acquire a lot of information but don’t act on it, what happens? Nothing.

So, would a health coach help you?

Why would you want to have a coach?

You may be thinking, “I can read a book, watch a video, go to the gym, get a personal trainer, etc.” Yes, and those are all great things to do. But let me ask you:

Have you implemented any of that information to change your level of health and fitness?

If yes, did you reach your goals?

If no, what got in your way?

Some folks have said these things got in their way:

  1. I feel overwhelmed by the process
  2. What I did was not effective
  3. Lost interest when I did not see progress quickly enough
  4. Lack of knowledge about the most efficient methods to achieve my goals
  5. It was too hard
  6. Not enough time to do the program
  7. I set unrealistic goals and got discouraged
  8. I did not have a coach to facilitate the process
  9. I did not have a support group
  10. You can add your own personal obstacles to this list

A knowledgeable and skilled coach can help you efficiently and easily overcome these and other obstacles as you go through the simple, do-able steps of a health coaching program.


Why would you want to have Dr. Jo as a health coach?

After experiencing her own health problems, Dr. Jo searched diligently for answers because she realized that her conventional medicine colleagues were not able to help her. That’s when she started researching natural, holistic approaches. Through the experiences of revitalizing her health she learned how to help others and coach them back to health.

Because she experienced the symptoms of ill health, the detox reactions, the overwhelming information, and the victory of feeling wonderful again she can relate to how you feel. She knows the truth about what works for the human body and can deflect you from the hype that promises you the moon, but doesn’t deliver on the promise.

She can support and encourage you as you go through the health coaching program, explaining to you that if you want lasting, life changing results you need to commit to the process. Rarely are there instantaneous miracles, but with consistent adherence to the simple do-able steps, taking one step at a time, many folks experienced miracles in reversing their dis-ease under Dr. Jo’s guidance.

What could you accomplish by embracing this health coaching program?

The truth is: my health coaching program addresses the underlying causes of ill health and lack of fitness. When you embrace the teachings (the truth about  what works for the human body) and take action you can expect these types of results:

  • Improvement in a degenerative disease like:
  •                 Diabetes
  •                 Heart disease
  •                 Osteoporosis
  •                 And others
  • Prevention of disease, especially the degenerative diseases, including cancer
  • Better physical health
  • Optimal fitness
  • Increased muscle mass to burn more calories 24/7
  • Increased muscle strength to keep me healthy and strong for fun activities and daily life
  • Optimized weight
  • Increased bone density and strength
  • Weight loss
  • Overcoming yeast infection/Candida
  • Stronger immune system
  • More energy
  • Better sleep

What are your other desires for upgrading your health? Let us know in the comment section below.


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