Detoxification Health Report

Refuse to live in a toxic waste dump

Do you suspect that you’re living in a toxic waste dump? And I’m not referring to your external environment but rather the internal environment in your body.

You might suspect you have that internal toxicity if you experience:

Pain anywhere
Low energy
Hardening of the arteries
And a whole host of other symptoms and diseases

Do you eat the Standard American Diet (SAD- an appropriate acronym)? It’s highly inflammatory you know and leaves a lot of toxic junk in your body.

Do you breathe air, drink water and slather your body with lotions and potions? That’s more toxins! Those environmental toxins accumulate gradually in your tissues.

Are you ready to clean house?

Are you ready to detoxify your body?

Kick those toxins out of your body so your cells can heal! Dr. Jo cruises right along with you to coach you in taking those detox measures one step at a time. It’s easy and do-able and only takes a few minutes per day to start cleansing your cells.

Dr. Jo developed this detox approach from her research, studies and practical experience in coaching her patients through the detox process. You can benefit now from all that expertise.

She knew that her patients would not want to fast from food or go through any time-consuming process to move those toxins out of their bodies. So she developed this detox program which you can easily utilize in just a few minutes per day and not interrupt your daily schedule.

Feeling clean and vibrant is a wonderful sensation! Enjoy it when you get there.

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