Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program – Your Responsibilities

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He’s excited about getting healthy and fit.

Here are your responsibilities in the coaching program:

  • Commit to the program. This is about taking action after you receive the information
  • The information can be fascinating and uplifting but if you don’t do anything with it… well, you know what happens – nothing.
  • Set aside the time to be on the call each week. It’s your special time. If you are on the call and activate the steps, you will have more energy to handle all the other “stuff” in your lif. The calls will last 60 minutes, but may go longer if we have a lot of questions.
  • Budget some money to apply to the program. Many of the steps require no money or only a small amount. However, I will be recommending some supplements that help detoxify and rebuild your cells. Utilizing these supplements helps accelerate your progress, but if you cannot afford them, stick with the other steps because they will bring you good results too. (I do not sell supplements but I can advise you on sites that sell them at a good price with good service.)


The fee for the program:

$10 per week (paid as $40 per 4 week period) for a total of 12 weeks ($120 for the 12 weeks).

If we have 100 or more folks enrolled in the program the fee will drop to $30 per 4 week period ($90 for the 12 weeks). So please share this information with your friends and encourage them to upgrade their health and fitness. Besides it’s great to have a buddy or two in the program so you can support and cheer each other on.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a local support group of friends in your neighborhood. You could prep food and eat together, share ideas and encourage each other. It’s always more fun and more successful when we have a support group.

You most likely will want to purchase the two “text books” for this healthy coaching program, Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook and Fit in 15 Minutes per Week, the Doctor Recommended and Scientifically Proven Way to Efficiently Optimize Your Fitness and Health. For coaching participants they are on sale for $20 for both of them.


The plan is to cover the program in 12 weeks. We should have ingrained some really good habits into our lives by then. If we’re having fun and want to continue beyond the 12 weeks, we will look at our options for continuing.

Ask questions.

Enjoy the process. We will celebrate and have fun and share in each others’ successes.

Can you please help?

The Health Coaching Program is ready to go but I need to add some infrastructure that takes some time, effort and money to implement. Once I know how many people are interested, I can determine what kind of infrastructure that I need to add.

You can help by:

1. Giving me very valuable feedback via this quick to fill out, 10 questions survey. Click on this link to take the survey.

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2. Subscribing to Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program Email List so I can provide you with updates:

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Thanks so much and bless you,

Dr. Jo