Which is of More Concern to You: Life Saving Covid-19 Treatments Purposely Suppressed or the Blatant Suppression of Our Rights to Free Speech?

My Journey to Integrative Medicine

My desire is to give you “food for thought”, 

possibly to introduce you to concepts you have not considered and to encourage you to research more on the concepts introduced.  I also encourage you to react to information out of knowledge and understanding and not out of an emotional reaction. Be your own person.

These two lady doctors are women after my own heart and are worth listening to.

This interview of Dr. Simone Gold stirs food for thought and research. Her credentials and experience are remarkable.

Dr. Lisa Koche MD, another lady doctor after my own heart and passions for health


These videos are being taken down faster than I can send them to you, so I hope you get to see these wonderful, compassionate, bold women.

Doctor of Distinction


After you consider what they have to say, what concerns you most?

1. That an effective, inexpensive treatment for Covid is being withheld and people are dying?


2. That our civil liberties and right to free speech are rapidly eroding before our very eyes?

Other Resources:

Link to America’s Front Line Doctors

You may find videos that have been taken down elsewhere at this link


Link to scientific references these doctors refer to:

This is a huge reference list. https://americasfrontlinedoctorsummit.com/references/

If this site gets taken down again, contact me and I will email you these PDF references.

Do your own research! Make up your own mind.

Blessings and Abundance to you and yours,

Dr. Jo

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