I Can’t Keep Quiet Any Longer

It’s time to speak up. I can’t keep quiet.

What sparked my voice to rise up?

Yesterday friends sent me a video link to “Front Line Doctors Tell Their Story” on the Steps of the Supreme Court. At 15 minutes into watching these amazing doctors an interruption kept me from watching the rest of the video.

By this morning the video had been taken down from Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. Even President Trump’s comments on the video were removed from Twitter. Folks who posted this video on Facebook had their posts taken down.

(At last viewing it was still available here: https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/americas-frontline-doctors-capitol-hill-press-conference_sq8Hr6JATDuOeiZ.html)

Here’s what I heard the first few doctors say:

The doctor that introduced the other participating physicians declared at the beginning of the video that we are ensnared by a web of fear. That we must break free of the delusion and deception perpetrated on us.

A pediatrician from California: Children do not transmit Covid-19 to others, even to teachers. If children have Covid 19 in their bodies, they either have no symptoms or very mild symptoms. Forcing children to wear masks is ridiculous.

A family doctor who lives in Texas now but in the past practiced in Nigeria where she successfully  treated malaria infections with hydroxychloroquine: In her fiery speech she said she’s treated 350 Covid-19 patients, some coming to her from many miles away, with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax. All, underline ALL, of her patients lived and most recovered quickly. She challenged the studies saying hydroxychloroquine was not effective against Covid and/or that it was dangerous. She said one study that deemed hydroxychloroquine ineffective involved only 20 patients. How does that compare to her 350 patients that recovered from Covid on her regimen?

Why would the media and social media be scurrying about to take down this press conference video as fast as they possibly can? Squarespace even had the audacity to take down the America’s Frontline Doctors website today: https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/americas-frontline-doctors-website-expired-down/

 Who are the media and social media  protecting? What lies do they want to perpetuate?

Why do they want to suppress the voice of these compassionate, wise, doctors who are sharing their own experiences and results in treating their own patients?

I’ve been a physician for 50 years. About 40 years ago I began looking for answers for health issues that mainstream, conventional medicine was not helping. I became acquainted with and followed other maverick, wise, insightful, discerning doctors who have found other answers and helped thousands and thousands of people to higher levels of health.

Since the Covid-19 fear mongering began I have read many mainstream medicine articles and many articles by doctors and scientists who have searched beyond mainstream and the herd mentality. My insights from this study have shown me:

Mainstream, heavily influenced by Big Pharma emphasizes, VACCINE, VACCINE, VACCINE

Big Pharma makes big bucks from vaccines and has no liability at all from adverse vaccine reactions

Media is bought by Big Pharma. Media gets most of their income from drug advertising

Social media executives side with Big Pharma

Holistic doctors emphasize keeping your immune system strong by a healthy lifestyle, keep blood levels of vitamin D high, take zinc and extra vitamin C. If you contract Covid-19, there are a variety of good treatments that include high doses of some supplements and/or the hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Zithromax protocol. Does that bring these docs and scientists big bucks? Obviously not.

So who do you think is pulling the wool over our eyes? Why have we let ourselves be so duped? Are you ready to wake up to what’s been perpetrated on us? Aren’t the tactics blatantly obvious now?

If you can’t find the video of the press conference these Front Line Doctors held, these links will take you to other video presentations.

This is a long, but well worth watching presentation:


For short, 2 minute, “Second Opinions” from common sense, truthful doctors check this play list:

As you can see it’s posted on YouTube, so I hope this play list remains accessible.

One commenter said it eloquently:


Stay alert. Engage common sense. Be discerning.

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