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Which is of More Concern to You: Life Saving Covid-19 Treatments Purposely Suppressed or the Blatant Suppression of Our Rights to Free Speech?

My Journey to Integrative Medicine

My desire is to give you “food for thought”, 

possibly to introduce you to concepts you have not considered and to encourage you to research more on the concepts introduced.  I also encourage you to react to information out of knowledge and understanding and not out of an emotional reaction. Be your own person.

These two lady doctors are women after my own heart and are worth listening to.

This interview of Dr. Simone Gold stirs food for thought and research. Her credentials and experience are remarkable.

Dr. Lisa Koche MD, another lady doctor after my own heart and passions

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Front Line Doctors Are Back

Front Line Doctors Back

After the social media executives scrambled to take down the Front Line Doctors video two days ago, their video is back up and they made a second shorter video (which seems to have been taken down again). in the second video they underlined and emphasized that hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Zithromax is a safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for Covid-19 that can SAVE LIVES!

One well informed doctor said you can prevent Covid-19 by taking 200mg of hydroxychloroquine twice per week.

But You can’t get it! Call your governor. Call your senators. Call your Congressional representative … Read the rest

I Can’t Keep Quiet Any Longer

It’s time to speak up. I can’t keep quiet.

What sparked my voice to rise up?

Yesterday friends sent me a video link to “Front Line Doctors Tell Their Story” on the Steps of the Supreme Court. At 15 minutes into watching these amazing doctors an interruption kept me from watching the rest of the video.

By this morning the video had been taken down from Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. Even President Trump’s comments on the video were removed from Twitter. Folks who posted this video on Facebook had their posts taken down.

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