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Detox After Flu Shot

Cilantro detoxes after flu shot

If You Take the Flu Shot Be Sure to Detox After the Flu Shot

If you feel compelled to have a flu shot or are forced to by your employer, you can minimize the adverse effects by increasing detox after the flu shot. Dr. Klinghardt, MD, my mentor is a genius in detoxification. He particularly recommends taking these supplements for detox:


Eat about one teaspoon, per day.  Cilantro effectively removes mercury and other toxic metals from the brain and other tissues. Multi-dose vials of flu vaccine still contain the preservative thimerosol which contains mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive … Read the rest

2 Have I Read the Vaccine Ingredients Product Insert?

liquid mercury

Liquid Mercury – Poison

  One expert on vaccine safety asked, “Have you reviewed the vaccine ingredients listed in the package insert that comes with each vial of vaccine? Has your doctor read that product insert?

As a doctor, I thought, “Have I read that insert? If so, how long ago?” I don’t remember. I wasn’t involved in administering or recommending vaccines except occasionally in the 1970’s when I was an ER doctor, so I haven’t read the insert explaining the vaccine ingredients in a very long time (if I ever did).

Having piqued my curiosity, I looked up the package … Read the rest

1 What Do I Really Know About Vaccines? I Have Many Vaccine Questions

Vaccine Questions

*See source of picture below.

Have you ever had “the light bulb” go on in your head at some point, and you ask yourself, “Why do I believe what I believe?” You’re probably saying, “Yes, that’s happened to me several times in my life.”

And so it is with me, about spiritual matters, about how to handle relationships, about medical matters, I’ve had a change in perspective several times in my life. For instance at the University of San Francisco Medical School I received excellent training in conventional medicine and was enamored with some of the “life-saving, miracle” drugs. Until … Read the rest

The Perfect Storm – Assault Against Our Children

Child with flowers. The Perfect Storm assault on our children.The Perfect Storm Assaults Our Children

The perfect storm rages against our children but lies deceptively hidden from our sight taking its toll relentlessly and insidiously.

Many are advocating for the lives of the unborn.  But who is advocating for the lives of the born, those who have survived the journey in the womb and have emerged into the earth?

The consequences of abortion are so blatant and obvious. A life ends and all the potential of the treasures, talents and gifts of that child for enriching the earth and touching other lives are forever lost to the purposes of … Read the rest

Vaccine Safety – What’s the Future?



This is the first in a series of articles on vaccine safety by my husband Pat.  I think you will find it interesting and well worth your time to read.

Author: P. J. Tillman

In 1930 the autism rate worldwide was statistically zero.  In the 1980’s most estimates of the autism rate was 1 in 10,000.  According to the Center for Disease Control (the federal CDC) that rate has sky rocketed.

In the last surveillance Year,  2012, 1 in 68 children were diagnosed … Read the rest

Vaccine Safety – Should We Trust Government With The Health of Our Children?

Vaccine SafethyWelcome my husband Pat as an author on this site. He brings his unique, wise and thoughtful perspective to the health issues we face. We hope this article on vaccine safety enlightens you and inspires you to learn more. Dr. Jo

Author: p.j. tillman

As a dad and granddad I was very concerned when California passed a law requiring (with very limited exceptions) vaccinations for school children for the 2016-17 school year.  The law leaves no room for a personal belief, or religious exemption.  I’m sure the vaccine manufacturers were happy.  Government forcing vaccines on the public was a step … Read the rest