The Perfect Storm – Assault Against Our Children

Child with flowers. The Perfect Storm assault on our children.The Perfect Storm Assaults Our Children

The perfect storm rages against our children but lies deceptively hidden from our sight taking its toll relentlessly and insidiously.

Many are advocating for the lives of the unborn.  But who is advocating for the lives of the born, those who have survived the journey in the womb and have emerged into the earth?

The consequences of abortion are so blatant and obvious. A life ends and all the potential of the treasures, talents and gifts of that child for enriching the earth and touching other lives are forever lost to the purposes of God for that life on earth.

But the perfect storm against the born, the children surviving birth and living on the earth now, is much more subtle. In fact the unleashing of debilitation and even an early death is often brought about by convincing us that what’s injuring them is actually good for them and good for the population as a whole.

For quite some time God’s put a burden on my heart for our living children but I didn’t know how to articulate that concern to you because it’s complicated and takes some time to understand what’s really happening . And I didn’t understand it all.

But we are watchmen on the wall and we’re called to watch over and protect our children. And so I’m learning, discovering and uncovering the perfect storm of forces of destruction unleashed against our children and so is my husband. Together we are researching, writing and advocating for the children because we’re so concerned about the heritage that we’re leaving for our children and grandchildren and the rest of our progeny.

All of us are  called to be discerning, to uncover the deeds of darkness and to bring light into the darkness. So it’s time to start that process.

Childhood Epidemic of Disease and Disability

Maybe you’re not familiar with the current epidemic of childhood disabilities and the great suffering it causes for the child and the burden it places on the family of that child. Although I dare say we all know children who have autism. So let’s start there.

In the 1970’s autism was extremely rare. So why now does one in 68 children have autism?

And a new government survey shows  the rise in autism spectrum disorder to 1 in 45 children.

I invite you to meet some of the children and families dealing with autism as a starting point to understanding the huge assault on the health and lives of our children. Take just a moment of your day to watch their stories as we send them to you. By doing so we hope you will begin to understand the assault against our children. And you will be able to pray more specifically for them and for what’s happening in our culture. In the mean time pray for God’s miraculous protection and intervention on behalf of our children.


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