Mind Set 3 Focus On the Positive

Our minds develop ruts in the way we think. Some of those ruts can be centuries old, passed down through a family for generations. So changing the way our minds automatically function can take some conscious thinking, especially when we’re working on converting negative self talk to positive thinking.

Perhaps looking at the way the brain works will help make the conversion to positive, optimistic thinking because “weight loss” is as much a mind game as a physical one!

Our brains work in funny ways and ‘negative’ statements cause some confusion in our minds.

Need help in choosing positive statements? Try some of these:

I am a model of health and fitness.

I am eager and excited about implementing healthy habits in my life.

I am committed to eating in a way that serves my body well.

I will enjoy every beautiful meal.

I have an optimistic outlook on the activities needed to achieve a healthy body weight.

I will become fit and healthy one tiny step at a time.

Each tiny step will establish new healthy habits in my daily routine.

I look forward to being active in new ways.

I love having a buddy to keep me accountable and have fun with me.

Exercise is like a self-massage.

I can hardly wait to dump these accumulated toxins out of my body.

I will use non-toxic personal and cleaning products to keep my precious body free of poisons.

Every day in every way I’m getting healthier and stronger.

Emphasize the positive things you do for yourself each day.

Do you see how your mind can lead you down the path of success when you speak positively, when you have an optimistic outlook on becoming the model of health and fitness? You start having fun with it.

Throw that old negative mind talk in the garbage. Throw out the resentment at having to lose weight. Don’t even think about a “diet”. Instead feel great about the wonderful, colorful delicious meals that will save your life and vitality.

If you think about the weight loss plan as a “burden”, that’s exactly what it will be for you. And will you be successful?  Probably not. So dump that burden in the trash heap.

Make sure to tell your buddy to say, “Trash it” if any negative self talk slips out of your mouth.

And only you can guard your mind. You are in control of whether you allow it to criticize you and bring you down or applaud you and build you up.

Some people wear a rubber band around their wrist. When they recognize a negative thought, they snap that rubber band. A little pop now and then does wonders to extinguish negativity.

Have you noticed that our thoughts and feelings prompt us to take action. If we feel negative, like weight loss efforts are a burden and drudgery, will we be consistent in following healthy habits?

On the other hand positive thoughts make our eating plan, exercise program, and other healthy events fun and exciting. We look forward to implementing them and making them part of this great adventure in life.

Be very specific with your brain.

Saying, “My goal is weight loss” is not specific enough. (Some weight loss plans cause you to lose muscle along with the fat. You don’t want that!) Stated more positively and specifically:

“I want to wear size 14 or 16.” -or whatever is ONE size lower than you are wearing now. (Your brain loves those small steps.)

“Getting rid of this excess body fat is my desire.” (And good riddance!)

“I am going to feel more comfortable in my clothes.” (That will even make your brain feel more comfortable.)

Our brains can feel overwhelmed.

As in, “just the thought of that makes me tired”.

Keep alert. When your brain feels overwhelmed, maybe you’ve taken on too much at one time. Step back and take a good look. Then choose some smaller steps that will fit nicely into your busy schedule. We’ll guide you in choosing small steps as you implement each module in your life.

You’re the greatest. You have a wonderful attitude and outlook. I’m so glad to be working with you.


Dr. Jo

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