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Secrets for Succeeding with those New Year’s Resolutions

In that week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we’re in that holiday spirit, having fun, enjoying family and letting go of the usual routine.

But let’s admit it. We are starting to consider those New Year’s resolutions, trying to determine if we’re really going to make any this year. After all if you’re like a lot of us, the hope and thrill of starting anew in the New Year quickly fades as we fall back into those old habits that we’re trying to overcome.

But take hope!

What usually defeats your excitement and ability to implement your resolutions? Your … Read the rest

Celebrate Something

By guest author Susan Russo

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I realized it sooner.”


The other day I was listening to someone complaining about how they have to sell their house and downsize to another house in the $250K range. (Poor thing!) Many people are experiencing a shift in their life style but instead of focusing on what’s wrong, it’s time to focus on what’s right.

We all take so much for granted and when it’s gone we are left with only memories.  And, sometimes we may be left with regrets of not appreciating what … Read the rest

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Guest author: Tammy Matthews

The real secret is that whether you feel sad, broke, lonely, overweight, depressed, overwhelmed or hopeless, you have the power within yourself to change the way you look at life and ultimately the power to change your life.

Oftentimes we spend too much time thinking about the negative parts of our life. But what we don’t realize is that by keeping ourselves in that state of mind we are sabotaging our happiness, our future, our daily lives.

Another important point is that no one other person can make us happy.  Although being around or with someone … Read the rest

Practical Tips to Focus Your Mind

Guest Author Willie Horton

Once our day gets going it is the easiest thing in the world to get swept away by the routine, the urgent (which, by the way, is quite different from the important), the latest minor crisis (which probably seems major at the time) or, most common of all, the endless stream of useless thought that simply distracts us.  Even if you have made the effort and started your day properly, it is simply all too easy to become submerged in the cares and worries of the moment and, as a result, revert to our default state … Read the rest

Mind Set 8 Goal Setting

How does your mind react to goal setting?

Does it say, “no way” or “yes, I love to set goals?”

I must admit that my mind balks at goal setting right now because I have been an over-achiever in my past. I’m enjoying a more relaxed approach to living now.

But I do have goals that I enjoy, like improving my level of fitness so I can continue to participate in the annual Labor Day triathlon. These goals seem to fit in naturally and without pressure in my lifestyle.

Goals serve us the best when they help us stay mentally, … Read the rest

Mind Set 7 Change is Scary

Your mind’s humming along not even thinking about the things that have become your daily habits (whether good or bad habits).  You grab a doughnut with your coffee at the service station on your way to work. In the lunch room someone left some brownies out on the table to share. You pop one in your mouth. You meant to go to the gym this morning, but you just didn’t get up in time. And tonight, well there’s that great movie on TV. I can’t go to the gym tonight.

These habits become so automatic that your mind never clicks … Read the rest

Mind Set 6 Forget About Will Power

What’s one of the first obstacles your mind brings up when you consider embarking on developing a new healthy habit?

“I don’t have enough will power to:

Eat vegetables

Find out if I have food allergies

Walk around the block every day

Take a few supplements twice per day

Do whatever it takes to convert my body from a toxic waste dump to a clean, lean machine

Or whatever it is that involves change.”

Let’s get rid of that defeating mind set right now!

You are in charge of your will. Period.

So take charge right now by erasing … Read the rest

Mind Set 5 Uniquely-You

You are uniquely-you. No one else in the universe has exactly the same DNA as you. Realize how special you are. You are called to a special purpose on this earth at this time and this season.

Now wrap your mind around that truth.

How wonderful that you are eager to walk out that purpose. How wonderful that you want to be healthy and strong so you can fulfill your purpose.

Your purpose may seem menial to the eyes of the world, but it’s important and you are needed to accomplish it. Without you we all will be deprived of … Read the rest

Mind Set 4 Throw Out the Scales

When you start a weight loss program, don’t you just love to run to the scales naked every morning to see how many pounds you’ve lost? Of course, we all do that! And we most likely run back to the scales after we’ve pooped to see if it’s inched down a little bit more.

There’s just something so satisfactory about seeing the number of pounds decrease on that dial, like the scales don’t lie.

But do the scales tell the whole truth?

No they don’t.

And aren’t you glad to hear that. Especially when you step on the scales and … Read the rest

Mind Set 3 Focus On the Positive

Our minds develop ruts in the way we think. Some of those ruts can be centuries old, passed down through a family for generations. So changing the way our minds automatically function can take some conscious thinking, especially when we’re working on converting negative self talk to positive thinking.

Perhaps looking at the way the brain works will help make the conversion to positive, optimistic thinking because “weight loss” is as much a mind game as a physical one!

Our brains work in funny ways and ‘negative’ statements cause some confusion in our minds.

Need help in choosing positive statements? … Read the rest