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Vitamin D Part 2 Health Benefits

So what happens if we get safe sun exposure so our skin can make vitamin D or if we take a vitamin D supplement to raise blood levels? Does vitamin D actually provide a host of health benefits?

Of course, the first disease that we may think of is osteoporosis, a disorder helped by adequate vitamin D and calcium intake. But we can’t be sure a person has optimal vitamin D in their blood without following blood tests. Often vitamin D supplements have to be pushed much higher than commonly recommended to reach the level that will effectively counteract osteoporosis.… Read the rest

What’s the Most Common Vitamin Deficiency?

With all the supplements everyone takes, would you think that most people are still deficient in one crucial amazing vitamin that prevents and helps so many disease processes?

Can you guess the name of this deficient vitamin? Did you know it’s readily available most days but you actually go to great strides to avoid it?

With all of the buzz about it in the news you probably guessed right. Yep, it’s vitamin D.

I first wrote about vitamin D in the fall of 2008 after attending a medical conference sponsored by the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), an organization … Read the rest