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Dr. Thomas Levy on Canceling the Spike Protein

Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD brings us good news for Canceling the Spike Protein, which is a poison. These are the basic principles in his article:

Vaxxed or unvaxxed, the covid-19 spike protein can keep reproducing in the body.

Spike proteins are poisons.

Vitamin C can neutralize any poison.

In unvaxxed individuals infection from the Covid-19 virus can leave the virus lingering in the lower bowel (and most likely in other organs too) where it continues to release its poisonous spike proteins.. When we are exposed to stress or another infection, the Covid-19 virus has greater opportunity to reproduce … Read the rest

Flu Vaccine 2 Support Your Immune System

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So now you’re thinking about and implementing a healthy life style to support your immune system especially during this cold and flu season of the year. But you want to do even more without endangering your health and your brain from injected foreign substances like the flu vaccine that contains aluminum as an adjuvant as revealed in Dr. Mercola’s article:

And sure enough you can do more.

I recommend the following products. However, the information is for reference only and is not intended to diagnose disease or prescribe treatment.

Always consult with your physician on your health matters.

 … Read the rest