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Be Wise Newsletter: Too Smart and Vaccine Effect on Future Generations

Our Smartness is Killing Us

 The Bad News:

Has it ever occurred to you that we’ve become so smart that we’re killing ourselves?

Science produces chemicals that induce cancer. Then other scientists perform research to find out what’s causing cancer. And others look for cures for cancer. ..

(And the same vicious cycle repeats itself in many areas of the chemical industry.)

As one researcher commented in regard to biotechnology, “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do.”

Would Somebody Please Look at This Big Picture? (And stop this nonsense.)

The Good News:

What’s the Good News?Read the rest

Vaccine Decisions – Based on Emotion or Evidence?

vaccine monster


People seems to take sides on the vaccine issue based on emotional responses rather than wise decisions based on unbiased information. Even news casters, who normally present both sides, discuss the vaccine controversy from their own emotional responses.

So, I challenge you to learn more about vaccines, especially from knowledgeable professionals and lay people who do not parrot mainstream medicine and media. That’s why I have shared resources about vaccines rather consistently with you recently.

And now I’m even more concerned

” Right now, there are 36 states considering 110 different bills to limit or eliminate personal belief exemptions.… Read the rest

Toxic Chemical Villains Hollywood Style and the Vaccine Issues

Meet these wacky characters. You have to laugh at these wacky characters despite their devastating effects on our bodies.


Toxic chemicals seem to be in the news this week.

Infographic on personal care chemicals


And the Vaccine Issues are still in the news this week.

This journalist actually read the research on unvaccinated children versus vaccinated children uncovering the spin the researchers put on it, totally different conclusions than what the data showed. They don’t want you to know that unvaccinated children had fewer infectious diseases than the vaccinated children.

“Health Impact News Editor Comments: … Read the rest