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Thermography as Prevention

Thermography offers another surprising benefit. Not only does it detect breast cancer at very early stages, it can also help prevent the development of breast cancer.

So is the thermography procedure itself therapeutic? No. But thermography can identify hormonal risk factors that play a part in the development of breast cancer.

In a woman’s life the total amount of time that her breasts are exposed to estrogen contributes the greatest to the risk of development of breast cancer. Therefore, the best step in prevention may be normalizing the balance of the hormones in the breast.

Infrared imaging will reveal a … Read the rest

Thermography Part 2 – The Procedure

As we pursue our search for ways to detect breast cancer early, we’ve discovered that breast thermography should be used with mammography for the earliest detection of breast cancer.

Some of you responded to the article on thermography, saying you have experienced it and found it to be a very easy procedure and are grateful for its availability.

Perhaps though you’re like me and have no clue about how the procedure is actually performed. Let’s find out about that right now.

Certain things have to be avoided prior to the exam. Avoid sun on the breasts for 5 days prior … Read the rest

Thermography Part 1


In the series of articles on mammography risks we have addressed the main stream approach and conclusions about the early detection of breast cancer with yearly mammograms in women over 50 years old. We have also looked at the research that indicates the x-rays used for mammograms may add to the risk of developing breast cancer.

So we have concerns about the cumulative effect of the x-ray exposure from mammograms on our breasts. Yet we don’t want to be foolish and let an early more treatable breast cancer go undetected.

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