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New Sunburn Remedy on the Horizon

new sunburn remedy research

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Sunburn creeps up on you

Sunburn can creep up on you whether it’s hot or not. In the cool coastal weather we can get fooled when out in the sun, or even under a cloud layer. We feel cool, but later the sunburn appears. But hot sunny weather can do the same thing. We’re having so much fun in the sun that we forget our skin is getting too much exposure to those burning rays.

Avoid Sunburns

By all means avoid getting sunburned but if you do, there’s new research … Read the rest

Preventing Sunburn Naturally

At the peak of the northern hemisphere summer season we still need to protect our skin from sunburn. And sunscreen isn’t the only answer. In fact it may be detrimental in some ways because we need some sun exposure to the skin for the production of vitamin D.


We shouldn’t be so sun-phobic that we look like pale faces all summer too. Actually people with tans look healthy, probably because they have the immune and other health benefits of good levels of vitamin D.


Slathering on a lot of sunscreen exposes us to the absorption of more chemicals … Read the rest