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CHOICES: Make Your Own Miracle Nutrition Class May 2015

Be Wise – Health Wise e-newsletter of March 13, 2015




at Shasta Bible College, Redding Ca

Evenings (M-F) 6 pm to 9:30 pm

Monday, May 11th thru Friday, May 22nd

Presented by:

Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman, M.D.


Your awareness of nutrition is vitally important to your health! Why? Because, while YOU first make your choices of what you eat, your choices ultimately make you!

Every day you make choices for life or death. With every bite you put in your mouth and Read the rest

High Fructose Corn Syrup Part 2 Manufacturing HFCS

To better understand the effects of high fructose corn syrup on our bodies let’s take a look at how a whole food like corn becomes corn syrup.

Manufacturers developed the process for making corn syrup back in the 1960s. Basically soaking the corn kernels in warm water with sulfur dioxide softens them facilitating the process of separating the starch, hull, protein and oil. After removing the oil the resultant cornstarch is washed.

Cornstarch contains amylose which is simply a long chain of glucose molecules. By adding an enzyme called amylase these long chains are broken into glucose molecules. This process … Read the rest

Splenda – Consider the Risks

So what’s the problem with eating sweets?

The short answer – they all elevate your blood sugar too much! Sugar and bad fats are your worst enemies. When we’re told to stop eating sugar, we think, “Oh, I can’t eat table sugar (cane or beet sugar)”, so we look for a substitute. We think that agave syrup, honey, molasses, maple sugar, date sugar, etcetera must be ok.

No – they all still elevate blood sugar too much which leads to lots of degenerative diseases.

So if all of those calorie containing sweeteners ruin my health, I’ll switch to artificial sweeteners.… Read the rest