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Cultured Food Your Best Probiotics



Amazing isn’t it that we have 10 times more cells in the form of bacteria and other microorganisms living on and in us than we have cells in our bodies. Kind of makes me think that I’m a fabulous planet for those microorganisms.


But wait, sometimes we send “Agent Orange” down our guts that wipe out those innocent and beneficial microorganisms. Another name for this “Agent Orange” is antibiotics.


Yep they wipe out the good guys along with the bad guys, leaving the lining of our guts looking like a war zone. Then the bad guys … Read the rest

Rejuvelac and Tips

We’ll find out what Rejuvelac is – but first some great tips!

My eyes were really opened to the health dangers of our current food supply in preparing for the nutrition course I recently taught. That preparation prompted me to watch several documentaries. Food, Inc. is a must see for everyone in my opinion.

After you watch it let me know if it opened your eyes too.

You can order it online, or from Netflix. Or better yet just watch it on your computer.

My good friend Sandy, nutritional consultant, sent me this note to share with you:

“You can … Read the rest