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Relief from Night Time Leg Cramps 2

After reading the first article in this series on night time leg cramps one reader responded with this very brilliant suggestion:

As soon as a leg cramp starts, pull your toes up toward your head.


I’m so glad she reminded me to share that with you. It’s a trick that I’ve used myself to get those cramping muscles relaxed. Actually it works for any tight muscle problem in the body. When you tense one set of muscles, the opposing muscles have to relax. That basic physiological principle makes it possible for us to walk, use our hands, arms, etc. … Read the rest

Green Smoothie Nutrients

Green smoothies pack a wallop of nutrients into a simple to make and delicious raw food drink.

Blending the greens with fruit in your blender or food processor breaks up the cell membranes, releasing the nutrients for you to easily digest and assimilate. You would have to chew your greens very thoroughly to adequately break up those cell membranes. Let’s face it, the majority of us simply are too impatient to chew a couple of hands full of raw greens that thoroughly every day. So blending greens with fruits makes life a lot simpler and us a lot healthier.

Let’s … Read the rest