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Disease Is Optional

Lately we’ve been looking at how to discover diseases lurking in the body. That’s important, but my greatest desire lies in helping you prevent disease. That’s where I spent my time and energy with patients.

In my search for the underlying cause of disease I finally discovered that we have to heal our cells in order to be perfectly healthy.

It doesn’t matter what our disease process is called. The fundamental truth is that our cells deteriorate because of poor nutrition and environmental toxicity. In fact a lot of the food we eat is really toxic to our bodies. I … Read the rest

Dr. Price’s Secrets to Health

Before we delve into the juicy info in this Be Wise-Health Wise:

Just a reminder about the nutrition class that Dr. Titrud and I will teach in Redding, Ca from May 10th to 22nd:

Shasta Bible College

May 10 – 21, 2010

6-9:30 PM Monday through Friday

Taught by:

Dr. Oliver Titrud – Nutritional protection for the flu and much more – May 10-14

Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman – Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours – May 17-21

$100 for seniors

$125 to audit the class

You may also take this course for college credits, … Read the rest

Disease is Optional

Spring has sprung…

Oops – now we’re back to winter again as we arose this morning to snowing falling out of the sky. After 3 years of drought we’re always grateful for the precipitation. When you live in the mountains you stay much more aware of the dry conditions and risk for forest fire.

Nevertheless, we have had a taste of spring and some nice breaks in the weather to work on our garden. A few days ago we had our first treats from the garden – asparagus. We finally get to eat it, so delicious fresh cut. When my … Read the rest