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Dr. John Lee, Pioneer Uses Progesterone to Reverse Osteoporosis

In Dr. John Lee’s study of osteoporosis he discovered that bone mass stays relatively constant from puberty to a few years before menopause by the balance of osteoclast function (break down of old bone) and osteoblast function (formation of new bone).


However, in the years just before and post-menopause estrogen deficiency results in increased bone breakdown (resorption) and has very little effect on bone formation. On the other hand testosterone and progesterone both stimulate the osteoblast cells to form new bone.


After studying Raymond F. Peat’s observations about natural progesterone in 1982 Dr. John Lee, MD began treating … Read the rest

Osteoporosis 9 – Is Natural Progesterone Really Better?

Why use natural progesterone to reverse osteoporosis? Won’t the progestin drugs work the same?


How does natural progesterone differ from the progestins (synthetic drugs that mimic some actions of the human-body-produced progesterone)?


Hormones proceed through metabolic pathways in their production. Progesterone holds a pivotal place in that pathway which starts with cholesterol. (See, I’ve told you elsewhere that cholesterol is actually a good guy. One good thing is the production of vitally needed hormones.)


There are actually several intermediary hormones that are produced in the sex hormone pathway with big fancy names. But for our understanding today … Read the rest

Osteoporosis 8 – A Far More Effective Hormone Than Estrogen

Another big “secret” that everyone really should know (but somehow they don’t)!


Osteoporosis responds well to hormones, but there’s more to the hormone story than estrogen alone.


Bone building and remodeling involves other hormones in a dance, a biofeedback with one another. Estrogen modulates the breakdown of bone, preventing it from breaking down too fast. So the conventional approach uses estrogen to try to slow down the breakdown of bone in the development or progression of osteoporosis.


But using estrogen alone to deal with osteoporosis leads to the commonly held conclusion of many doctors, that bone degeneration … Read the rest