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Mind Set 2 Support People

Here’s the second article on developing your healthy mind set for a healthy body.

Now that you have your mind on your side and you’re becoming your own best friend, you also need one or more really good friends to come along side and help you in this whole new adventure, this whole new way of looking at your life and your lifestyle. Find some folks (or at least one person) who would love to go on this amazing adventure with you.

It’s so much more fun to share the experience and keep one another accountable. You’ll recognize the false

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Mind Set – the Key to Health

Now here’s a challenge for you.

Do you want to change something in your life for the better?

Have you wanted to make that change for a long time?

What’s stopping you?

Most likely it’s what’s between your ears that keeps you stalemated. Thoughts always precede actions. So if your actions don’t match your desires, the road block is in your mind.

Whoa, let’s get our minds on our side!

In the next several posts of Be Wise-Health Wise we’ll look at just how to do that – get our minds on our side. The mind is a powerful thing. … Read the rest