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Toxic Chemical Villains Hollywood Style


Meet these wacky characters. You have to laugh at these wacky characters despite their devastating effects on our bodies.

Toxic chemicals abound in our environment. You must be very knowledgeable and vigilant to avoid them. So these folks created a humorous way to present the villains, Hollywood style by bringing them onto the red carpet to give them the “Toxie” awards.

You met the mercury villain in the video above. You can meet his toxic compatriots, BPA, Yellow Soap, Flame Retardants, Lead and others here:

The Toxies: Exposed – All Webisodes

Toxic chemicals abound in our environment.

You must … Read the rest

Mercury Undercover

Why would anyone give their DVD the title of “Mercury Undercover”?


Because mercury is the great imitator of diseases.


It can be a major underlying cause of a great many different diseases, but goes unrecognized. Instead the disease constellation of symptoms is given a name like multiple sclerosis, lupus and others. Then that constellation of symptoms is treated symptomatically. But the real underlying hidden cause of the disease is mercury toxicity.


That’s why we should consider mercury in all neurological diseases and many autoimmune diseases. In the olden days hat makers used mercury In the process of … Read the rest