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A Delicious Memory Booster

berries boost memory







This delicious taste treat boosts your memory.


You may be surprised to find out (like these researchers) the amazing value of these delicious little fruits in keeping you bright, alert and healthy.


Berries keep your brain healthier


The folks who ate berries in the Nurses’ Health Study (1995-2001) delayed the onset of memory loss and mental cognitive decline by 2.5 years. Eating only half a cup of blueberries or a cup of strawberries per week facilitated memory improvement. What a delicious way to protect our brains.


What’s the secret in … Read the rest

Make a Fist to Jog Your Memory

You know the name of that movie! It’s right on the tip of your tongue, but it just won’t come out of your mouth because you can’t at the moment retrieve it from your brain.


Or you meet someone you know very well, start to introduce them to a friend and you can’t think of their name.


Next time that happens try making a fist and see if that name pops into your head.


Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it. But recent research indicates fist clenching can help improve memory when data goes into your brain and … Read the rest