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Six Reasons to Eat Your Veggies

6 Reasons to Eat Your VeggiesRead the rest

Seven Fat Burning Foods

Guest author: Bryan Carlton

Your metabolism is the big fat burning furnace, so it is affected by what foods you are consuming and how much.

To help you lose weight faster and safer I am going to share 7 simple fat burning foods to help speed up your metabolism.  By incorporating these foods into your diet, it may help you to achieve faster fat melting results.

1. Apples – A simple, easy, and great tasting food that is rich in vitamins and many other nutrients.  Apples are rich in fiber and will help you curb your appetite.

2. Eggs – … Read the rest

Mind Set 8 Goal Setting

How does your mind react to goal setting?

Does it say, “no way” or “yes, I love to set goals?”

I must admit that my mind balks at goal setting right now because I have been an over-achiever in my past. I’m enjoying a more relaxed approach to living now.

But I do have goals that I enjoy, like improving my level of fitness so I can continue to participate in the annual Labor Day triathlon. These goals seem to fit in naturally and without pressure in my lifestyle.

Goals serve us the best when they help us stay mentally, … Read the rest

Mind Set 4 Throw Out the Scales

When you start a weight loss program, don’t you just love to run to the scales naked every morning to see how many pounds you’ve lost? Of course, we all do that! And we most likely run back to the scales after we’ve pooped to see if it’s inched down a little bit more.

There’s just something so satisfactory about seeing the number of pounds decrease on that dial, like the scales don’t lie.

But do the scales tell the whole truth?

No they don’t.

And aren’t you glad to hear that. Especially when you step on the scales and … Read the rest