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Night Time Leg Cramps 3

Most muscle cramp and night time leg cramp problems can be solved by ingesting adequate amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium, maybe sodium and vitamin E.

However, once those minerals and vitamins reach the gut, they have to get into the cells. Sometimes some nasty culprit blocks their entrance into the cells. If that happens you can eat all the healthy foods and take the greatest supplements but continue to have muscle cramps.


What are those nasty culprits?

Toxins, toxic metals, toxic chemicals and toxic fats can block the passage of vital nutrients in and out of the cells, even … Read the rest

Relief from Night Time Leg Cramps 2

After reading the first article in this series on night time leg cramps one reader responded with this very brilliant suggestion:

As soon as a leg cramp starts, pull your toes up toward your head.


I’m so glad she reminded me to share that with you. It’s a trick that I’ve used myself to get those cramping muscles relaxed. Actually it works for any tight muscle problem in the body. When you tense one set of muscles, the opposing muscles have to relax. That basic physiological principle makes it possible for us to walk, use our hands, arms, etc. … Read the rest

Relief from Night Time Leg Cramps

Here’s a recent request from one of my beloved Be Wise Health Wise newsletter readers:

“Do you think you might include an article on the latest info. on nighttime leg cramping? All my friends suffer from this and nobody seems to know what to do about it. Some of the remedies would crack you up! I guess it’s just the “aging generation” – we boomers want to do what’s right for our bodies and now everybody wants to sell us stuff. More junk out there than you can shake a stick at!”


That’s a great question! Of course the … Read the rest