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Cultivate a Taste for Bitters for Stomach Health

Cilantro, a bitter herb


In Low Stomach Acid – A Hidden Culprit in Indigestion we discovered that indigestion or heartburn symptoms may be caused by low levels of stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) instead of high levels, especially when the heartburn occurs after meals. Ingesting bitter foods/herbs about 30 minutes before meals stimulates the natural release of stomach acid and regeneration of the complete digestive tract.


Bitters Include Many Familiar Foods

You may be surprised to find out that “bitters” include many foods that you are familiar with already:


Bitter melon and gourd


Dark chocolate

Japanese eggplant

Jicama (this one surprised me … Read the rest

Low Stomach Acid – A Hidden Culprit in Indigestion

Heartburn from Low Stomach Acid

When you think of heartburn or indigestion do you associate it with excessive stomach acid?


Most of us do, and then head for the anti-acids or worse yet the acid-suppressing drugs.


But just the opposite may be causing the heartburn. Low stomach acid, medically known as hypochlorhydria, contributes to heartburn and often goes undetected as the source of that GI burning sensation.


So how can you tell the difference between heartburn due to excessive stomach acid and heartburn due to in sufficient stomach acid?


When does the heartburn occur?

Before meals, then it’s likely due to … Read the rest