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What Does a Culture of Health Look Like During Your Holidays?

Thanksgiving Pumpkin









What does a Culture of Health look like during the holidays at your house?

Here’s what we try to do:

  • Eat healthy, beautiful and nourishing dishes
  • Limit sweets
  • Love veggies
  • Minimize sweet drinks
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night
  • And for me – minimize shopping (Shopping is not my first love!)
  • Keep moving these bodies

What do you do to stay healthy during the holidays at your house?

Let’s share ideas, please comment below.

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Holiday Culture of Health

How do we create a Culture of Health during the holidays? Thanksgive vegetable turkey


With all of the extra busy-ness during the holidays healthy habits may slip by the wayside creating an opportunity for those infectious diseases to take hold.


How can we enjoy the true meaning of the season about to break through upon on us?




Let’s keep the reason for the season firmly in mind. What we focus on is what we do. So let’s focus on gratitude since that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Find reasons to express gratitude every day as often as possible … Read the rest