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Good Mood Food

chocolate power drinkHow’s your post-holiday mood?  I found myself with a bit of a negative mood after the holidays. And I knew why and how to turn it around. Do you?


Two main things helped me:

Good food

Good exercise


Number 1 Good Food

Yep, food and mood can go hand in hand by affecting your mind and your emotions positively or negatively. During the holiday feasts we tend to eat more of those foods that have:

Bad Mood Food:

1. Sweets

2. Gluten – in wheat, white flour products

3. Processed food


Clean Body and Clean Mind!

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High Intensity Interval Training Part 1

Would you believe? In only 12 minutes per week you can:

  • Lose fat faster
  • Strengthen your heart, even after a heart attack
  • Increase your lung volume
  • Raise HDL cholesterol (the “good guy”)
  • Add years of healthy living to your life
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase your muscle mass
  • In only 12 minutes per week

 It’s Got to be Hype!

I hear you. It sounds absolutely unbelievable. But listen to what these medical doctors have found from years of research into exercise physiology and from working with people to improve their fitness levels.

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High Intensity Interval Training

The Various HIIT Programs

By Guest Author Joe Maldonado

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout regimen that contains bits of aerobic exercise that is high intensity, which gets followed up by quick periods of resting. The reason why it is different from other workout routines is because it doesn’t take very long to complete a workout. If you don’t count the warm ups and cool downs, a beginner should be able to finish a routine in 4-6 minutes, while those who are more advanced might do it for more than 8-15 minutes.


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