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Is There Really a Germ Season?

Christmas Tree I love the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Day.

But there’s a part of it that I hate. And it started on October 31st the big candy night of the year!

That’s when the sugar overload starts and it lasts 4-5 months by the time we get through
Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Seems like the children have candy stashed everywhere because they don’t quite finish the last batch of candy before the next load comes in with the next holiday celebration.

Have Happy Holidays or succumb to the the germ season – Your Choice

germs bacteria

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Mind Set 5 Uniquely-You

You are uniquely-you. No one else in the universe has exactly the same DNA as you. Realize how special you are. You are called to a special purpose on this earth at this time and this season.

Now wrap your mind around that truth.

How wonderful that you are eager to walk out that purpose. How wonderful that you want to be healthy and strong so you can fulfill your purpose.

Your purpose may seem menial to the eyes of the world, but it’s important and you are needed to accomplish it. Without you we all will be deprived of … Read the rest