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9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth

healthy bone broth

In pursuing restoration of gut health we’ve found out that Part of Me is Missing and how to make bone broth in Bone Broth to Heal Your Gut.


But what does bone broth have to do with healing your gut and why would you want to drink it?


Well, let’s see. It takes a lot of nutrients to make bone and the tissues associated with it like cartilage and ligaments. So if you leech the nutrients out of the bones and tissues by simmering them in water for a long time, wouldn’t that provide you with a … Read the rest

Restore Gut Health with Bone Broth

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In Part of Me is Missing we found out that our modern lifestyle often destroys the normal flora (microorganisms) in our guts which leads to a leaky gut and inflammatory response in other parts of the body.


So what can we do to restore and rebuild the gut?


For a delicious way to start being kind to your gut drink bone broth.


What? You’ve never heard of bone broth?


Actually it was a healthy staple in the diets of prior generations. Somehow they knew about its nourishing powers even if they didn’t realize how much in … Read the rest