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Deceiver Undermines Our Food Supply

As I was preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement about nutrition and exercise for Autoimmune Diseases, I thought, do I know anything about this subject? – No. Then I did the research and discovered – yes I know all about it!


The same things are causing most degenerative diseases – deception and environmental toxins. So if we get knowledge and apply it with wisdom (make good choices) we can prevent or reverse disease processes.


That lead to this inspiration about the big picture of what’s going on the world in regard to deception.


God created these magnificent … Read the rest

So What’s the Problem with Genetically Modified Food?

Why would you want to eat genetically modified food?


Here are some points to ponder:


Genetically modified food has not been tested for safety over a long time period. The biotechnology companies that produce the GM food conducted some short-term studies on small mammals like rats and hamsters. They reported no significant findings of ill health.


And the FDA accepted those findings without any other oversight of the testing at all. They just took the biotechnology company’s word for it.


However some well respected and honest scientists around the world became quite concerned about the long-term … Read the rest

Medical Professionals Endorse the California Right to Know GMO Food Initiative

After hearing all of Monsanto and the big food industry companies’ negative campaign against California’s Prop 37 initiative to mandate labeling food that has genetically modified components, I was thrilled to discover that doctors are supporting and endorsing the passage of Prop 37.


But first let’s clarify what we’re talking about when it comes to genetically modified organisms (food) aka GMO.


Understanding Genetically Modified Food


Let’s review basics about genetically modified food. Monsanto, the company that produces the genetically modified seed, controls the patent on these seeds. If a farmer tries to save his own seed like … Read the rest

Please, Please Study California’s Proposition 37 Carefully

Have you heard the ads against proposition 37 on our California ballot in November? Some of the statements are obvious lies. Then listen to the list of sponsors of the campaign against prop 37. Monsanto tops the list, followed by the big food industry, none of whom I want to trust with my health. They are more interested in your dollars than your health!


They also want to keep you in the dark about whether you are eating genetically modified food. You may be trying to eat optimally healthy and not be aware of the potential time bomb lurking … Read the rest

Ethical and Moral Implications of GMO #2

In the last post we started looking at the ethical and moral implications of the manipulation of our food supply by genetically engineering the food. Biotech companies commonly genetically modify food to make it resistant to herbicides. So we have Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” corn seed.

When farmers plant the corn, they can spray the herbicide Roundup on the corn plants and the weeds at the same time, killing the weeds but not the corn. This process makes it easy for farmers and is one of the reasons that corn farmers can produce 5,000 tons of food per acre.

Now that’s … Read the rest