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A Gift for you and Good News

Healthy Holiday Cooking

Basket of Fall squash and soup    From Dr. Jo’s holiday table to yours!


Enjoy this Healthy Holiday Cooking booklet as a gift for you


This Healthy Holiday Cooking booklet is a compilation of the Tillman family traditional dishes that we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Almost everything is gluten-free and sucrose (table sugar) free and there’s absolutely no high fructose corn syrup or genetically modified food in our meals.


 After putting this Healthy Holiday Cooking booklet together I realized what a big help it is to me to have many of  our recipes together in one place … Read the rest

Holiday Appetizers for a Culture of Health Holiday Season

Time to start thinking about that shopping list for preparing some healthy appetizers for parties and celebrations.


Let’s keep holiday time a Culture of Health so we stay happy and healthy. Germs spread around fast as friends and family come together for the holiday festivities. But we can outsmart those germ critters by keeping our immune systems strong with healthy eating.


Sweets paralyze our white blood cells ability to gobble up invaders. So let’s minimize the sweets and maximize delicious, colorful, nutritious, immune-supporting food in our holiday feasts.


Let’s create some colorful appetizers that could be … Read the rest