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Should I Get a Flu Shot Part 2

First read Part 1 of Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Severe Adverse Reactions to the Flu Shot

So we hear lots about how important it is to get the flu shot but very little about its actual effectiveness and even less about the severe adverse reactions that some people have experienced.


One out of 1 million people vaccinated contract Guillian-Barré syndrome, a severe disease of the nervous system that causes paralysis. This paralysis generally starts in the lower extremities and works its way upward until the person cannot breathe on their own. They have to be put on … Read the rest

Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Questions about the Flu Shot

With all the media spin about the flu season and the huge push to get flu shots I am receiving questions about whether it’s a good idea to get a flu shot.


Make Your Own Decision

First of all let me emphasize that whether or not you get a flu shot is entirely your decision in consultation with your physician. However please be very well informed before you make that decision. Consider the risks of the vaccine and the risks of having influenza.


Personally I do not get flu shots for the reasons … Read the rest