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Be Wise Newsletter – 5 Steps to Fitness During the Holiday Season

[youtube]–zUY7Y[/youtube]Maintaining fitness and healthy habits during the holiday season keeps us tuned up to really enjoy the festivities. You can easily slip these 5 fitness steps into the added busyness of the season. Besides keeping you healthy they will prevent the added stress of the holiday preparations and festivities from becoming distress and dis-ease.

  1. Continue to have fun with your exercise fitness program.

Exercise refreshes your body, invigorates your muscles and lifts your mood. In the past my husband Pat and I have spent 8 to 10 or more hours per week on our cardio and strength training programs. Maintaining … Read the rest

High Intensity Interval Training Part 1

Would you believe? In only 12 minutes per week you can:

  • Lose fat faster
  • Strengthen your heart, even after a heart attack
  • Increase your lung volume
  • Raise HDL cholesterol (the “good guy”)
  • Add years of healthy living to your life
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase your muscle mass
  • In only 12 minutes per week

 It’s Got to be Hype!

I hear you. It sounds absolutely unbelievable. But listen to what these medical doctors have found from years of research into exercise physiology and from working with people to improve their fitness levels.

Actually it’s a not so new concept but … Read the rest

Tips On Strength Training To Stay Healthy

By Guest Author David King

A lot has been written about the benefits of cardiovascular aerobic training. Until recently, however, little attention has been given to strength training which is an important component of a balanced fitness program. Part of the problem is that strength training has been equated with bodybuilding. However, you do not need to be a body builder to benefit from strength training.

A well designed strength-training program can provide the following benefits:

1. Strength of bones increases

2. Muscles and connective tissue strengthens, decreasing the risk of injury

3. Increased muscle mass. Most adults lose about … Read the rest