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Big Enzyme Leak

What’s the Cause of the Big Enzyme Leak?

Eating mostly cooked and processed food gradually depletes our enzyme bank accounts. (Aha, perhaps we could actually do something about this. Perhaps make better choices.)

Also, current mass agricultural techniques produce vegetables, fruits and grains lower in enzymes. And, fruit and vegetables may be genetically altered to have fewer enzymes to ensure a longer shelf life. That means our food is deficient in enzymes before we ever put it in our mouths.

So how leaky are YOU!

Around age 27 enzyme production declines. Even though you may not notice it, the … Read the rest

The Great Enzyme Bank Robbery

Dr. Pottenger and his cats shed some light on how we rob ourselves of the enzymes in our enzyme bank accout.

In his great nutritional experiment, Dr. Pottenger fed 3 generations of cats either raw food (enzymes intact) or cooked food (no enzymes left). The second and third generation of kitties on the cooked food developed more and more degenerative problems with each succeeding generation. They finally could not reproduce by the fourth generation. Their bank account of enzymes was depleted.

So did your parents eat a lot of cooked and nutritionally deficient food? Then you started with a smaller … Read the rest