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Easy Daily Cleansing for Osteoporosis


So we’ve shared the starting steps of detoxification for osteoporosis in Get the Lead Out of Your Bones.


Now let’s take a look at the ongoing daily supplements needed for constantly nudging that lead and other toxins out of your bones and other tissues.


Remember, don’t cave in to that overwhelmed feeling. We’re just taking one do-able step at a time. You need more time to work with the bowel, liver and kidney cleanse. Simply review this information so you know where you will be going next on this journey through cleansing. Then come back to … Read the rest

Get the Lead Out of Your Bones

After reading Osteoporosis 4 – Never Reversed Without Detoxification you now know that it’s really tough to get the calcium and other minerals back in your bones without getting the toxic metals out first. Those poisonous heavy metals block the uptake of minerals into the cellular bone building structure.


So, let’s get specific about detoxification for osteoporosis. You’re body likes to work in a certain order of priorities. If you try to implement these priorities out of order you may wind up stirring up a more toxic soup that you can handle.


Let’s think. How do these toxins … Read the rest

Osteoporosis 4 – Never Reversed Without Detoxification

This may be the most important information you will ever read about reversing osteoporosis. If you don’t address this issue you can take all the calcium prescribed, exercise regularly and eat healthy but still never rebuild your bones to optimal strength.


Even the holistic/integrative doctors rarely mention it if they mention it at all. I just did an Internet search and yes it was mentioned briefly by a few sites but they only devoted a couple of sentences to it and gave no real help in dealing with it.


In working with patients and with my own body … Read the rest