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Osteoporosis 7 Chelation – Gets Really Tough on Toxic Metals

Would you like to know an amazing secret about reversing osteoporosis that very few doctors know?


Have you hit the wall in battling your thin bone problem? It’s very frustrating isn’t it?


You’re doing everything that your doctor tells you; take calcium, exercise, take your osteoporosis medication and your bones still are not responding.


You’ve hit a wall. What’s the obstruction?


It may be the toxic metals lodged in your boney structures. These toxins block the cellular channels that incorporate the calcium and other minerals that strengthen your bones. You can take tons of calcium and … Read the rest

New Idea for Detox from Dr. Dean

News alert: Recently I alerted you to the problem we may be facing in not being able to obtain those wonderful EDTA suppositories so we can chelate at home in minutes per day at a greatly reduced price as compare to IV chelation.

I also introduced you to Dr. Carolyn Dean. She offers an alternative way to detoxify in her blog of 10-7-10. Here’s an excerpt:

“for reasons of safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness, I’m sticking with magnesium and clay detox baths. When asked, I also recommend a heavy metal detoxifying formula composed of chlorella and cilantro.

1. Magnesium will … Read the rest

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Include Chelation

In your search for natural remedies for high blood pressure you may never have heard of chelation.

Or if you’ve heard of chelation you may have felt you couldn’t afford it or there was no doctor nearby to administer it to you.

Now those worries can fly away because I have great news for you. Chelation at home has become a reality that’s very affordable. Would you go for it:

  • If it only took 2 minutes every other day of your time, would you try it?
  • If this Magic Bullet could help prevent disease, even cancer, would you use it?
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